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Safari to Support Ngorongoro Pre-School

7 Day Safari

We all strongly agree that tourism can be used as a vehicle to eradicate poverty if well planned, for example in Tanzania, most of the tourist attractions are located in remote areas where the poorest people live. These people are the ones that bare costs of protecting the attractions.

In the communities of Northern Tanzania particularly Ngorongoro districts in Arusha region, there has been insufficient education efforts and institutional development for the Maasai to understand and benefit from educational achievement. Typically, Maasai children enter First Grade at age seven without prior exposure to classroom-based teaching, without basic skills, such as counting and writing, typical among other Tanzanian children, and without an understanding of Swahili, which is the only legally permitted language, other than English, in schools. They are set up for failure from the beginning; not surprisingly, many dropout before the end of Primary School, and almost half do not pass the Grade 7 exams, which are critical to entering Secondary School. Consequently, as compared to other communities throughout Tanzania, the Maasai have far less children succeeding at all levels in school.

To respond on that We have built a Masai pre-school for the children with a total cost of 90,000$ with facilities like dormitory, classroom, office, dinning, kitchen and teachers accommodation find the attached link which shows the school opening, Youtube video  and this is pictures of students and their profiles. facebook page The major problem we face for now is how to fund the school operation cost of the school which include fees, food, teaching and learning materials, salary, and treatment. The budget for the month range to $ 9,000 which is equal to 850$ per child per year. Please it’s our request you as a partner in development to create a link on our fundraising page and help to raise operation cost of 850$ per a child per year. You can see our fundraising page on crowdrise if you do so you will get a discount of …. & on a six days safari read the program below.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation with full board during safari
  • All park fees
  • 2 Nights accommodation at the Springlands Hotel, bed and breakfast
  • Transportation with driver-guide during safari (All vehicles are 4×4 with viewing roofs)
  • Ngorongoro Crater car supplement fee

Price excludes:

  • Tips for your driver-guide during safari
  • Transfer to/from airport
  • Any personal expenses
  • Visa fees & travel insurance.

Day 1

The drive from Moshi to Lake Manyara National Park takes about4 hours. After having a picnic lunch in Manyara, you start a lateafternoon game drive, which is the best time to view animals in thispark. When you approach it from the east, the Rift Valley escarpmentlooms on the horizon forming an impressive backdrop to the lake. In thetall trees of the ground water forest, monkeys leap from branch tobranch, and on the escarpment, elephants stand in the shade. Otheranimals frequently seen are zebras, impalas, monkeys, giraffes, buffalos,hippos, and others. Overnight at the High view Hotel – full board.

Day 2

Drive from the High view Hotel to Ngorongoro Pre-school You willhave full Day with the student and participating in school activities hereyou can evaluate the project by talking with the teachers participate inclass session playing with the kids teach the kids new songs and drama.In the mid day having a time to visit Masai culture where you can enjoycooking, traditional dance and barbeque and late evening drive back tothe Ngorongoro wild camp for your overnight – full board.

Day 3

The drive to Serengeti National Park via Olduvai Gorge takes 3 to4 hours. Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site located in the easternSerengeti plains, in which early human fossils were first discovered. Ithas an amazing landscape that resulted from the same tectonic forcesthat created the Great Rift Valley millions of years ago. Then in the lateevening, drive to and overnight at the Serengeti Wild Camp or IkomaWild Camp and Cottages – full board. FB

Day 5

After breakfast, drive to Ngorongoro Crater for a game driveinside the crater. This is the best place in Tanzania to see black rhino aswell as prides of lion that include the magnificent black-manned males.There are lots of colorful flamingoes and a variety of water birds. Othergame that you can see includes leopard, cheetah, hyena, other membersof the antelope family, and small mammals. In the late afternoon driveto Highview Hotel for Dinner and overnight. FB

Day 6

The drive from the High view Hotel to Tarangire National Parktakes two hours. This park is spectacular in the dry season when many ofthe migratory wildlife species come back to the permanent waters of theTarangire River. Huge herds of wildebeest, zebras, elephants, elands andOryx gather to stay in Tarangire until the onset of the rain when theymigrate again to good grazing areas. In the late afternoon, drive back tothe Springlands Hotel or similar hotel in Moshi.

Day 7

You will be provided with the transfer to Kilimanjaro InternationalAirport Or Beginning of trip to Zanzibar to Explore the Coastal Island ofZanzibar at affordable price.

, Tanzania
7 days
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